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Brenda Ster

Brenda Ster

As a Social Marketing Strategist and Business Coach, Brenda Ster serves consultants, leaders, teams, brands and independent entrepreneurs through coaching and strategy to bring their businesses online and use their authentic online voice to build loyal communities of customers, teams, fans and friends.

Founder and CEO
Sassy Suite, LLC

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Brenda Ster skyrocketed to success when she became the #1 sponsor in her direct sales brand within six months of joining, building a thriving business through attraction and conversational marketing strategies. Now a Social Marketing Strategist and Business Coach, Brenda and her team serve consultants, leaders, teams, brands, and independent entrepreneurs on social marketing strategy, bringing their businesses online, differentiating themselves from others who sell the same or similar products or services, and building loyal communities of customers, teams, fans, and friends. Her approach is rooted in relationship and community building. Through her coaching and business services, Brenda has led many of her clients to achieving significant online business success, building expansive social networks, as well as launching independent brands through strategic marketing campaigns. You can find her on social media at @SuiteBrenda, hanging out with thousands of passionate social sellers and entrepreneurs in her various Suite communities online, and regularly chatting on Facebook about social media and finding success in today’s modern marketplace.