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Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher

Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher

30 years of experience in Sales, Management and customer service has enabled Mary-Jane to see it all - the good, the bad and the ugly of follow-up! She is a trainer, speaker and owner of a CRM specifically designed for effective follow-up.

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Born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia and for the past 20 years living on the North Shore, she has a love for the outdoors and has always seemed to live the life of work hard and play harder. A graduate in marketing, Mary-Jane spent years enhancing her skills of customer relations, adapting to all different client personalities which enabled her to deal with all different walks of life. Her love of people showed in her years of management, Entrepreneurial adventures and corporate training. Mary-Jane, an entrepreneur and corporate veteran has now followed her passion to help other women aspire to be all that they can be. She founded the company Fiitfu CRM Solutions INC when she saw a need for those in Direct Sales to have coaching on proper follow up with their clients.