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Kari Driskell is a Grief Recovery Specialist®, Certified Life & Happiness Coach, Speaker, and aspiring author. She shares her grief journey and coaches others to normalize, educate, and resolve grief so they can live intentionally & vibrantly again.

May 25, 2020, 05:30 PM

Adapting to Change

A talk by Kari Driskell
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Certified Life & Happiness Coach, Kari Driskell, LLC

Sometimes we invite change and sometimes life throws us uncertainty where we are now forced to adapt. Times like these, where we don't have much control over the change and that makes it the most difficult - when it's done without our say. But adapting is crucial for survival, it always has been. It's time to shift, grow, and evolve. We don't know if our world will ever return to how it once was - there are probably some things that we don't ever want to come back, and some things we do - like margarita night at the local Mexican joint with our girlfriends.

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The Forbidden Discussion, Grief

We are so unprepared emotionally to deal with grief, it’s not even funny. When I say “grief,” I know you immediately think of death, but death is ONLY ONE of 40 different losses that you can experience grief in your lifetime! We are given the wrong tools, we've been told and say the wrong things, we call it the wrong names - but it's because we don't know any better! We’re all just doing our best. You know what they say - “you know better, you do better.” Here’s your chance.

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